Wellness Walks Boston came from a more holistic approach to fitness and weight loss, and an extension of my home personal training business. 

Matthew Fennell
Founder and Principal

I'm a certified personal trainer (NASM) from England, and I have two decades of experience, on both sides of the Atlantic. I'm First Aid Certified (Red Cross) and fully insured.

Having worked in numerous gyms, I found many useful pieces of the training puzzle along the way, but many unnecessary and stale ones also. I decided to go a route away from the typical gym training, and I wanted to take only the better parts of that experience and focusing upon training people for life, using programs which are to the point and help clients learn how to train themselves. I train people in their homes, or parks, using very little equipment, and I make it easy for you to do the same.

Changing the world of exercise from calorie counting to living life with a new approach.

Pippi Fennell
VP Marketing

I'm the motivational dog. I occasionally hit the trails with you.


“Matthew has been great at making suggestions for exercises that I’m able to do on my own, in my home, as well as regular walking workouts. Matthew is able to thoroughly explain motions in way that is easy to understand and replicate. With a combination of dietary changes and training with Matthew, I’ve lost around 33 pounds.”

-Katherine, Waltham

“My experience working with Matthew over the past 3 months has been really terrific. As a 60-plus year old woman leading a sedentary lifestyle, I was really concerned that a trainer would begin at too difficult a level which would result in an injury. Matthew did a great job of determining a good – but still challenging – starting point for me and has gradually increased the difficulty and intensity of my workouts. I really appreciate that he changes up the routine with new and unusual activities, and that we work on building balance as well as strength. I sleep better, and have more energy, and will be hiking up Mt. Greylock this weekend! I am grateful to be working with Matthew and would highly recommend hm as a trainer to anyone.”

-Diana, Newton


I’m 53 and came to Matt after having had bariatric surgery. While I lost a great deal of weight, I had to address many imbalances, weaknesses and injuries as a result of years of obesity. Matt’s approach is careful, and the exercises we do are subtle. Sometimes I think I’m not doing enough (especially since I came to him from Crossfit). But he’s proven to me that more intensity isn’t necessarily better, as I’ve progressed more quickly than I would have ever expected. I’m stronger, more flexible and have better balance, which I’m learning is really important.


I’m so grateful to have found Matt. He understands body dynamics and takes time to explain every exercise, which muscles are being worked and their impact on other areas of the body.


Matt is hands down the best trainer I’ve worked with (and I’ve worked with a lot!) His passion for helping people comes across and he has a great sense of humor so we have a lot of fun, too. I can’t recommend him highly enough.



- Lisa, Watertown

I never had a trainer previously, but needed one because of my Parkinson's Disease.

I found a gentleman by the name of Matthew Fennell. Matthew is very knowledgeable and patient. In designing a program for me Matthew knew just what to do in helping me work toward my goals. You can tell Matthew did his homework.He truly has star power!! Yes, he has helped me quite a bit, and I'm at a point where I really enjoy being at Waverley.

I highly recommend Matthew Fennell as your trainer.......he's a "pro".....

- Paul M.

“I had a goal of losing 10 pounds for a wedding. Matthew helped me lose 13 pounds and still going. He taught me how to train and get the most of my time. I highly recommend Matthew as a trainer.”

-Jackie, Lexington

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