Personal Training

No pills, no tricks, just building positive habits. Don't keep telling yourself that you'll start tomorrow, take the first step today. I can help you determine your goals and where you're going, then how you're going to get there, and how to get in shape and stay in shape. Make a change which sticks.


Training sessions for individuals, or with a friend.

Starting with a trainer can be a stress, even if you're raring to go. So, I like to make it a little easier.

Here's how we begin:

We meet in a location of your choice for an initial consultation to work out your primary goals, and take a whole body functional movement assessment. Using this information I can design a personalized training program for you. Together we start working toward your goals.

Initial three sessions include:

  • Session one: Goal setting, and a whole body static and movement assessment, identifying body imbalances which may need addressing.

  • Session two: A personalized correctives workout pertaining to individual needs and goals.

  • Session three: Ramping up the exercise to meet your goals.

Individual and Partner Training



Training in your home, office, or preferred location.

60 minute focused work out, looking at alignment and helping you train yourself, for the most direct way to reach your goals. Equipment provided.

Contact me to get started: 857-523-1208


$90 per hour.

Corporate Training

Improve business health and reduce sick days due to injury - Sitting can lead to stiffness, bad backs, and poor posture. Changes can be made to both facility, and habits for the individual.

I offer:

  • A facility review and recommendations, including seating and methods of promoting good posture.

  • Individual employee programs with a focus on mobility, flexibility, and posture.

  • Daily habit ideas for everyone.

  • Full body assessment, with corrective exercises.

  • Small group training.

Contact me for a quote.


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